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To Do Shake-Up ($0.99)

Provides the consumer with a useful productivity tool that uses color and simple gestures to organize your tasks.
Application Description
  • Overview [+]
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    If you consider tasks you want to manage, they all fall into several general categories:
    1. People to CALL;
    2. People to EMAIL;
    3. Places to GO;
    4. Things to DO.

    To Do Shake-Up provides an easy way to categorize all of your tasks under these simple headings, include a color-coded HIGH, NORMAL, LOW prioritization, and/or a simple due date, then gives you a way to sort the views of these tasks by simply shaking your device. You can always quickly see who you need to call, or where you need to be, or what you need to do... with a flick of the wrist!

  • Entering a Task [+]
    To enter the details of a task:
    • Choose a Task Type: CALL, EMAIL, GO, or DO.
    • Enter a Title for the Task.
    • Enter a useful Description of the task. You might enter a phone number for a CALL task (you can then later simply touch this number and the touch-to-call feature will dial the number), or you might enter the email address of the recipient for your EMAIL, or you might enter the grocery list of items if you need to GO to the market, or you might enter the name of the course and textbook and pages you need to read if you need to go DO some study...
    • If you wish, enter an optional Due Date for the task. This might be an appointment date, or when an assignment is due...
    • Choose the Task Priority -- HIGH, NORMAL, or LOW.
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  • Viewing Your Task Lists [+]
    To Do Shake-Up presents your tasks in three (3) corresponding formats:
    • Task Priority -- to see what's REALLY important, mildly important, and what can wait;
    • Task Type -- to quickly get to what needs to be done by Type (Call, Email, Do, or Go);
    • Task Schedule -- to quickly see what's past due, due today, due soon, etc.
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