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Some files are just too big for email. If you need to send large files to Support, or simply want an easy-to-use interface, click HERE to access the Logical Dynamics File Upload Tool. It's quick and easy to use, and is designed to help you share your pictures, documents, or other large files with us to better enhance your presence in customized software and APPs.

PLEASE NOTE: To use the File Upload Tool, you will need a passphrase that can be obtained from Logical Dynamics. Call or Email to get started.

Further Help Support for APPs or other software developed by Logical Dynamics is available through email by contacting our help desk at the address below. We will respond to your request on a timely basis.

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We've been creating quality Web tools and applications since 1997. Contact us for an estimate on how we can help your enterprise.

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Published On - 12/9/15
Published On - 12/9/15